Just in case you were wondering what type of studio art supplies we used during the workshop, I am enclosing a full list including vendors, item numbers, and price. If you are thinking about teaching yourself how to make comics don’t forget that you need to purchase Jessica and Matt’s book Drawing Words and Writing Pictures. Get the book before purchasing any supplies, because they itemize which materials you need per lesson.

In addition to art supplies, students had access to new Imac computers with CS4 Adobe Creative suite programs, a digital flatbed scanner (12.5″ x 17.5), a light table, and a color printer at The Wolf Digital Lab.

Check out the huge light table!
Item # Product Price
22945-1002 BLICK SKETCH BOARDS  23 1/2INX26IN $11.49
10399-1002 STDNT 200 SRS SKETCH  8.5X11 SPRL BND SIDE $3.99
13312-1017 STRATH 400 BRISTOL PAD  14X17 2PLY SMOOTH $10.80
21002-1000 ALVIN VINYL ERASER  WHT EA $0.55
15105-1007 RED WALLETS  20X14X2 $4.09
05863-1001 DB RED SABLE WC RND  SZ 1 BRUSH $1.52
20702-2102 PIGMA MICRON PEN  005 BLK PEN .20MM $1.89
20702-2005 PIGMA MICRON PEN  08 BLK PEN .50MM $1.89
55473-1005 PROPORTIONAL SCALE  5IN $3.10
24123-4012 INTERTAPE DRAFT TAPE  PH7 1/2INX60YD $2.99
6905-1055 SHIVA PLSTC BRUSH BASIN  6.5X6.5X3.5 $5.80
06125-1002 KOLNSKY WC RND  SZ 2 BRUSH $6.62
20512-5020 COL-ERASE PENCIL  LT BLU $0.59
20603-5007 PENTEL PENCIL  BLU .7MM $5.57
20603-1007 PENTEL PENCIL  BLK .7MM HB LEAD $1.08
42096 C-THRU Beveled Ruler 18″ $2.79
56844 Utrecht Aluminum T-Square 24″ $13.29
41980 AMES Lettering Guide $2.59
new york art central 62nd Third Ave, New York, NY 212.473.7705
Deleter #2 White $6.50
Windsor/Newton/New India Ink (Spider on Label) $6.60
container store
10044744 Long Handy Box 12″ x 4″ $3.99
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  1. jcca517 says:

    Note that, as it happens, Matt and I posted on the brush basin just a few weeks ago. The ones we got for Comic Kraze had some issues (slots too big, partitions too small), and I think I may have found the original model online. Check this out:

  2. jao925 says:

    What about the drawing pads? How much do those cost and where can we buy them?

    • Not sure what you mean about drawing pads? You mean a sketchbook? Or did you mean the Bristol Pad where the comics are actually created? Both can be found at

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