Women’s portrayal in comics

How are women represented in comic books? Well, they can be the typical damsel in distress to strong  heroes. But the main cause for controversy in comics mostly superhero comics today is their appearance. In most superhero comics the women are shown with exaggerated features such as longer legs, larger breasts, shiny skin most if not all the female dc heroes don’t even wear pants.  Female super heroes didn’t always look like that I think it is because of changes in society. Women are not viewed the same way as they were in back in the day. Today they are seen as objects its like that everywhere on music, tv, and movies. Celebrities are always shown with many women, a lot of rap songs talk about how many girls the rapper is getting. Now its okay for women to wear revealing dresses because men think it looks good. Also super hero comics are usually aimed towards males it’s a way to draw them in many advertisements do this. They put an attractive female next to a product and take a picture. They don’t state any reason to buy the product they think that the fact an actress likes it is enough. They are treated as sidekicks in super hero comics stuck in the male heroes shadow.

written by: Jonathan Fernandez

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